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All about the Planet

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Planet facts meet puzzle fun! Little ones ages 3-6 can learn all about Earth while solving age-appropriate puzzle challenges in this 80-page sticker puzzle book. It's packed with habitat-themed puzzles, wildlife stickers and other fun activities perfect for pint-sized puzzlers.


All About the Planet features 50+ activities to engage young readers and introduce them to the wonders of our planet. The book explores a variety of natural habitats--from the ocean to the rainforest to the desert--and features over 60 interesting facts about Earth. They'll get more than 80 stickers to play with, too!


Parents will love these skill-building puzzles and activities from Highlights. Solve Hidden Pictures puzzles, mazes and more to practice problem-solving skills and concentration. Just-right activities for little hands like crafts and drawing prompts will encourage kids' creativity and build their self-confidence. Plus, the nonfiction content gets kids excited about STEM learning and exploring their world!
Paperback, 80 pages.
Children's activity.