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Cat and Dog: A Tale of Opposites by Tullio Corda

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Cat and Dog are not the same, in fact they are very different and the perfect subjects for a tale of opposites.

Enjoy their adventures as they fight and play, chase and hide, in an escapade that includes some special high-drama storytelling in the illustrations of this deceptively simple book. Tullio Corda depicts a relationship that is familiar to us all and provides a clever surprise ending. A truly relatable tale in just 32 words!

"The companionable relationship between a canine and a feline is cleverly communicated through skillful visual storytelling." -- Publishers Weekly

"The dog and cat characters are perfect foils for this story, with a happy ending that leaves the audience wanting more. . . a wonderful story and charming as well." -- School Library Journal

Concepts never made me laugh this hard. An orange cat and blue dog illustrate opposites in the most hilarious of ways as they go through a day of waking up, chasing one another, getting into trouble, and ... being friends? A perfect combination of words and illustration, and a concept book that tells a cohesive story." --

The faces of Cat and Dog speak volumes in this ode to opposites that packs piles of expressive storytelling into its spare pages." -- The Virginian-Pilot


Hardcover, 36 pages.

Picture book