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A Mistake of Consequence by Terri Evert Karsten

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From Abbott Press:

It is 1754 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Callie Beaton is nearly twenty, single, and determined not to marry anyone her grandfather deems worthy. But after her impulsive flight from yet another unwanted suitor leads her to the pier one rainy evening, Callie is mistaken for someone else and dragged aboard a ship. Trapped in a dark hold and at the mercy of strangers, Callie has no idea the ship is headed for a bustling port city across the ocean in America. Wracked with seasickness, unable to convince the ship's captain she is not who he thinks she is, and with only one tattered dress to her name, Callie somehow survives the horrid journey. She arrives in colonial Philadelphia penniless, nameless, and alone in a strange place. Two men offer her help: Ethan Asher, a handsome gentleman with a hidden past, and Davy McRae, a charming ship captain with a dangerous secret. Neither seems trustworthy, but when tragedy strikes, Callie is caught in the middle and must choose one of them to help her if she is to save herself and her newfound friends from disaster. In this historical romantic adventure, a Scottish lass who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time unwittingly embarks on a journey across the ocean to a new beginning where she searches for love, belonging, and ultimately her true destiny.

Written by a local author!


Fiction, historical fiction, romance, adventure.