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Doe's Dandelions by Laura Renauld

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The beloved Woodland Friends are back! Join Doe and company in this optimistic springtime story about finding value in all things--even pesky dandelions.

Every year, Doe grows daffodils for the Spring Petal Parade, but despite all her diligent weeding, dandelions have taken over her garden! She travels through the woods to warn her friends, but to Doe's surprise, Porcupine eats dandelion leaves, Squirrel thinks the blooms make a beautiful bouquet, and Bear cultivates a wishing garden. Perhaps dandelions are much more than weeds after all?

The lovable gang from the Woodland Friends series returns in a colorful celebration of springtime, teaching Doe that all things--even dandelions--have worth. A final spread features instructions and inspiration for readers to plan their very own Petal Parade.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Picture book. 

*Midwest publisher*