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Find Your Happy by Sarah Davis

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A guided journal exploring topics of gratitude and happiness for kids, this book has a strong focus on compassion and becoming the very best version of yourself.

Find Your Happy with this stylish fill-in journal, packed with activities and plenty of space to explore your creativity and discover the powers of your positive brain. Whether you're feeling good right now or looking for ideas to feel a bit brighter, this book will help you to work out what really makes you happy.

Practical advice, written in consultation with child psychotherapist Sarah Davis, will guide kids to understand and express different emotions; track of their daily lives and their dreams for the future; as well as give them more self-confidence.

Featuring inspirational quotes and fun quizzes, as well as tips and tricks for setting goals and remaining positive, this journal is a great way to reduce stress and improve wellbeing by spending time away from the screens that take up so much of our attention.

Paperback, 112 pages.