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The Home Front by DW Hanneken

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Set in rural Wisconsin during 1944-1945, this story centers around Maggie Wentworth, a wife, mother and farmer who struggles to keep her life in balance after her physically abusive husband enlists in the Army and is shipped to Europe during WWII. On one hand, she’s happy he left. On the other, she has to deal with the challenges of an aging father, a young son, and the temptation of an attractive German POW who is harvesting apples on her farm.

"The twists, turns and surprises keep the story fresh. Beautifully written-a page turner!" -Pam Ferderbar, Huffington Post

"And engaging tale...A variety of tensions keep the engrossing narrative moving." -Kirkus Reviews

"It touches the emotions at every level. A must read." -Pamela Ford, Award-Winning Author

"Perfectly paced and so real, I could feel the mud on my shoes." -Brad Hicks, Emmy-Winning Journalist

"This book grabs you and draws you in from the start. Breathtaking imagery and compelling characters . . . a tale of intrigue and suspense. A wonderful debut." -Jim Palmer, Milwaukee Magazine Contributor

Paperback, 406 pages.

Historical fiction