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Thoughts in the Wind by Jayme L. Miller

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Thoughts in the Wind is a collection of poetry focusing on mental illness, suicide, anger, loss, heartache, and most importantly, love. When it becomes too much and the walls begin to close in, step outside and let your thoughts be carried away in the wind. "All these thoughts floating around in my head, screaming to be heard; Oh, how insane I would be, If I did not set them free."This book holds a special place in my soul. All too often we hide our thoughts and feelings from others. We put on a mask to hide pain, hurt, depression, anxiety, addiction; the list goes on and on. There is stigma and harsh judgement when people share their feelings, admit they have a problem, or suffer a mental illness. Thoughts and feelings need to be freed without judgement or persecution. A little compassion and acceptance is a simple way to help. For some they need a shoulder to cry on; others want to be heard, and then there are the ones that find solace in writing


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