Why Do You Love Reading?

Posted by Alexandra Veglahn on

Birdy's sent out a survey asking readers why they love reading and here are the answers we have received! All of these submissions have been a complete joy to read and my hope is that you love reading these too. 
"The story often takes me to a new place; whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally."
"To relax and fall asleep. Good travel companion. I like paper. The Adventures I can go on."
"Reading takes me to awesome destinations. I get to meet interesting characters who have to solve sometimes difficult dilemmas. Reading helps me learn about the world and all of the inspiring people who have done extraordinary things."
" I love reading because it's an escape into another world. I NEED to read my current book every day. I get upset and out of sorts if I do not get a chance to read. I have learned so much about other cultures and time periods."
"Reading for me is an opportunity to learn, grow and feel. Books have been my constant companions throughout my life. They take me to new places, they help me explore my emotions, they help me to see different pieces of the human experience... in other words books are magical creatures"
" Reading is away for me to go into another place. I love reading especially in late spring/summer when I can sit outside under my patio and enjoy the nice weather. I enjoy sitting with a cup of tea and book, carving out my own time to enjoy reading. My favorite genre is romance I've also expanded my horizon in to Historical Fiction."
" I love when a character puts into words the way I am sometimes feeling. It’s nice to know others have similar thoughts and feelings. It helps me feel seen and understood."
Want to share why you love reading? Take the survey: https://forms.gle/VAMZguhrcuozisWN9

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