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Blue Lake by Jeffrey D. Boldt

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When greed, the law, and secrets collide someone is going to get hurt.


Two lonely people meet in the workplace and become close. Jason Erickson is a state judge hearing environmental cases who's getting unwelcome political pressure. Tara Highsmith is an environmental journalist covering some of Jason's cases, though she's soon to be exiled to the Science and Health beat. As their relationship develops, Jason and Tara discover shared passions for the Wisconsin wilderness, their book club, and each other. But Tara is married.


Meanwhile, Jason grows increasingly concerned about a strange conversation with an attorney. Was it an attempt at a bribe? Jason finds himself embroiled in several high-stakes ethical dilemmas involving powerful political figures, groundwater polluters, a corrupt developer, and his feelings for Tara. As he fights to stay true to his personal and professional principles, the list of Jason's enemies swells. Before long, shots are fired.


Full of intrigue, passion, and suspense, Blue Lake sets the stage for a thrilling mystery set against the rich beauty of black spruces, white pines, and austere Upper Midwest lakes. This is a compelling and richly layered story about nature and our place within it that lands with rare emotional depth.

Paperback, 312 pages.

Fiction, thriller, mystery.

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