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I Live in a Tree Trunk by Meg Fleming

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The irresistible companion to I Was Born a Baby--a hilarious read-aloud with catchy rhymes and bold, silly art about animals and the places they call home!

I live in a tree trunk. I live in a barn. I live in a shoebox. I'm down on the farm...

Soon all the other animals can't help but share what their homes are called, too. Readers will learn about porcupines, salamanders, groundhogs, and more. But when the rabbit, platypus, and meerkat realize their homes share the same name, they can't believe it. "Are you for SURE? I had NO clue!" becomes a catchy, energetic refrain readers will love chanting. ?

The text invites readers to predict what the animal is by using context clues and checking the endpapers to see if they guessed right.

The strong rhythm and unexpected discoveries of the animal kingdom, plus deadpan humor and wonderfully expressive art will spark a conversation about habitats and nature and leave readers wanting to read it aloud again and again.

Hardcover, 40 pages.

Picture book.