Close Quarters: A Pivotal Pause by Amanda Zieba (#2)

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In A Pivotal Pause, we find the Ames Cousins right where we left them… heading into a brand-new year with plans for making it the best one yet. Kelly is on a mission to balance her family life and store’s success with her husband’s war injury recovery, while Lindsay is determined to maintain her great relationship with her husband. As for the younger two cousins, they have big plans. Mia has decided to spend part of her inheritance on an Interior Design degree at Milwaukee Technical College despite the fact that attending means entering into a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Teague, and Harper is beyond ready to finally start her post-college life as a social media manager for a cruise line. Getting paid to travel the world while she writes of her adventures? That’s a ‘hell yes’ in Harper’s book. 

All four of the cousins agree that 2020 is off to a great start when a global pandemic knocks the world off its feet and effectively derails all of their plans. Everyone’s smooth sailing suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. Will the Ames girls come together to survive this pivotal pause and get back on track? Or will it all be too much and send them back to bad habits and flawed versions of their ideal realities?

In the second installment of the Close Quarters series, author Amanda Zieba helps us to make sense of the craziness in our world today through the lives of the Ames cousins. Filled with witty text conversations readers have come to love, book titles to usher us through trying times and ultimately, hope, A Pivotal Pause is another excellent family drama.

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Paperback, 316 pages.