Close Quarters: Make Yourself At Home by Amanda Zieba (#3)

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Lindsay has a problem and it isn't even really about her. It's about her cousins. Kelly, Mia and Harper are all doing very cool things. Things like publishing a book and going on a national tour (Harper). Things like graduating college and starting a business (Mia). Things like renovating their already perfectly fine bookstore (Kelly). And Lindsay... well, she's just doing her regular, old thing, which feels regular and old and not in the slightest bit special at all. Which is making her feel regular and old and not the slightest bit special.

When she is with her clients, Lindsay frequently repeats her mother's wisdom, "You can if you plan", but what happens when you've followed your plan and it hasn't taken you where you wanted to go? When you've done everything you're supposed to do to feel happy and you don't feel ... happy?

This third installment of the Close Quarters series explores the questions we ask ourselves but are sometimes afraid to ask out loud. Is it really possible to balance parenthood and achieve our dreams? Is it selfish to desire fortune and fame? Is it horrible to envy what others have and conspire to get it too? Hopefully by the end of the book Lindsay will have all the answers (and will share them with you).

Paperback, 295 pages.


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