Driftless Desperation (A Jim Higgins Driftless Mystery #4) by Sue Berg

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In the latest installment of the Driftless Mystery Series, Lt. Jim Higgins is stumped by a murder on the north side of La Crosse that seems to be tied to the unsolved abduction and disappearance of a babysitter that happened within the city limits forty years ago. Stymied by a locket and note left at the scene of the murder, Jim's team of investigators dig into the crime, but nothing comes easily. As they conduct their investigation, a personal assault on a member of Jim's family leaves him with few choices but to meet the assailant head-on. In a crescendo of unparalleled danger and risk, Jim confronts his adversary with every fiber of his being in an ending that surprises, shocks, and confirms the power of love and sacrifice.


Paperback, 484 pages.

Fiction, mystery.

*Local author!*