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All Things Now Living by Norma Lewis

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ALL THINGS NOW LIVING is a captivating book about recognizing our many blessings and giving thanks for them. While observing her adoptive family's Thanksgiving Day ritual, Matilda, the cat, hears a holiday hymn containing the words 'till all things now living unite in thanksgiving.' Wait a minute! She's living and so are her friends. That realization inspires her to lead her animal friends in stating the blessing they treasure most. Scooter, a rambunctious puppy, goes along with everything everyone else says, but can't seem to come up with something original. When he finally does, it's perfect, and even Matilda has to agree.

This book will make a great gift to usher children into the Thanksgiving Day holiday. As one by one the animals talk about food, water, a warm place to sleep, and good people to take care them, kids will realize they should be thankful for the having the same things. Without being preached at, they will give thought to their own blessings.

Paperback, 40 pages. 

Picture book.

*Midwest author*