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Champion Chocolatier: Reality Bites by Amanda Zieba (#2)

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Emmy Dawson is in over her head. This time she’s not just trying to convince herself she can run a successful chocolate business, nor is she cooking to impress a stuffy board of directors. This time she’s competing in a reality candy making championship and is trying to win over all of America. The Vanderbilt Valentine’s Day Candy Making Competition, held at the famous Biltmore Estates, will host eight talented candy makers – all with jumbo sized hopes and dreams… and egos. Emmy wants desperately to win, and to prove to her tiny town she is more than a stay afloat business owner and just the girl who dates Eddie Edwards.Even though the North Carolina weather makes for easier winter driving, Emmy’s road to victory is paved in potholes. A snarky TV producer, a real-life baker Barbie, and a talented pool of candy makers, not to mention a healthy dose of stage fright, stand in her way. Being filmed for Prime Time TV in sunny North Carolina might sound more glamorous than Duluth in February, but Emmy is about to learn the hard way that, sometimes, reality bites.In this sequel to Champion Chocolatier, readers will find all of the sweetness and fun they fell in love with in the original. New locations, new characters and new challenges thicken the plot and will have Hallmark lovers and reality show junkies begging for another round of foody fun and delicious disasters.

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Fiction, Romance.