Hearth & Cauldron: A Cozy Culinary Murder Mystery (#1) by Shawn McGuire

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“When an item is stolen, dark energy attaches to it. Food made in a stolen pan could cause all sorts of problems . . . And most of the coven just ate these scones.”

Hearth witch Reeva Long has dreamed of running her own shop since she was eighteen years old. It took forty years, but she is now the proud owner of Hearth & Cauldron, a quaint, cozy shop where she teaches her customers to make mouth-watering dishes and helps them discover the perfect pieces to decorate their homes.

Then, out of nowhere, her dream starts to unravel. Her home feels inexplicably . . . off and a thief steals from her shop.

Determined to stop this before things get worse, Reeva starts by inviting the village coven to bless her home. Everything goes perfectly until later in the evening when an elderly witch becomes deathly ill after enjoying a scone and a cup of tea.

Is there a connection between the poor old witch's sudden illness, the theft, and the strange vibes in Reeva’s cottage? Is something wicked going on in Whispering Pines?

Hearth & Cauldron is the first book in the Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries series. If you like your witchy mysteries on the cozy side with plenty of quirky characters, and a dash of paranormal, you’ll love this series.


Paperback, 266 pages.

Fiction, mystery.

*Local Author*