Choosing Love: A Brother's Best Friend, Military Romance by Leah Dobrinska

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"She could drown in those eyes...and what a way to go."

When Kristy Vos runs into her brother's best friend, Ashton Klink, at a hometown wedding, something she never thought possible now seems probable.

Because he's looking at her. Like that.

But Kristy craves control, and Ashton's deploying in two weeks.

With their hearts teetering on the brink of falling, Kristy and Ashton have to make a choice: go their separate ways to avoid potential heartache, or take a chance on love and each other.

A low-angst, sweet love story that might just make you kick you feet with glee.

Fans of...

- the brother's best friend trope

- charming, small towns

- fun family dynamics

- books with letters

...will adore Choosing Love.

♥ Each feel-good book in the Mapleton series is a clean and wholesome, standalone read. The events in Choosing Love take place about five years before those in Love at On Deck Café and the rest of the series, but the titles can be read in any order. ♥

Paperback, 122 pages

Fiction, romance. 

*Wisconsin author*