Deep Dire Harvest (Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery #4) by Joy Ann Ribar

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Grapes wait for nobody. The tourist season is running full swing when Frankie's vineyard is ripe for picking, leaving her frazzled, as she divides her time between the Bubble & Bake shop and Bountiful Fruits winery. When a dead body surfaces in nearby Blackbird Pond, it quickly becomes an albatross around Frankie's neck. The victim, a national bird expert, happens to be a cousin to Cherry and Pom, Bubble & Bake employees. The B & B crew are sure to ruffle some feathers during their sleuthing: Can they solve the murder before the guilty bird flies the coop?

Double-shot lattes from Bubble & Bake are in order for Frankie Champagne and her cohorts as they race against the clock to solve a murder before the Feds confiscate their hard-won evidence. I tore through the pages to find out 'who done it, ' and you will too! -Laurie Buchanan, author of the Sean McPherson novels

Follow Frankie Champagne, as she enlists her motley group of quirky small-town friends and family to help solve the murder of a renowned local ornithologist. The resourceful amateur detective sifts through clues and suspects, and she still finds time to serve up luscious baked goods and to harvest her latest varietal. Don't miss this delicious read. - Maggie Smith, author of Truth and Other Lies

The murder of a respected ornithologist propels Deep Lakes' favorite baker and vintner, Frankie Champagne, into a high-risk investigation in this smartly plotted and warmly engaging mystery.

--Jeannée Sacken, author of the award-winning Behind the Lens and Double Exposure

Paperback, 336 pages

Fiction, mystery. 

Wisconsin author!