Enemies Don't by Leah Dobrinska

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A heartfelt romantic comedy, loosely inspired by The Proposal.

Lost and guarded after getting out of a toxic relationship, Noli Kasper follows her older sisters to idyllic Cashmere Cove to get her life back on track. But when she's pulled over on the way into town by a police officer who turns out to be her insufferable new boss, her dreams of an uncomplicated fresh start feel dead on arrival.

Collin Rattler has spent his whole life trying to live up to his cop dad's expectations and reputation. Now, Collin has his sights set on earning the title of county sheriff-something even his father never accomplished. When early polls show Collin's playboy habits are hurting his chances, his team makes a suggestion: settle down with a nice, respectable woman for the year leading up to the election to prove he can commit. The problem? Collin doesn't do relationships.

Yet when he lets slip his team's preposterous plan to Noli, a woman he finds as self-righteous and enigmatic as she is beautiful, he's not sure what's more shocking-that she offers to help him or that he finds himself falling for her in the process.

Noli has her own reasons for saying yes to Collin's fake-dating proposal. And when her past won't leave her alone, she finds herself relying on Collin, a man she thought she despised, to see her through. But it's all just a temporary, mutually beneficial arrangement, right?

Because enemies don't fall in love...do they?

(Enemies Don't is the second book in the Fall In Love series, which follows three sisters as they find love after moving across the country to the small town of Cashmere Cove, Wisconsin. This is a closed door romcom with plenty of sizzling chemistry and romantic tension, but no spice. Enemies Don't is a standalone book, but it's best enjoyed after reading Friends Don't.)

Paperback, 294 pages.

Fiction, romance.

*Wisconsin author!*