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Fruits and Vegetables by Joli Hannah, illustrated by Malgorzata Detner

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A little story about two kids exploring the garden and learning how to grow various crops, accompanied by a search-and-find game.

In this charming story, Bella takes her friend Sam on a tour of her family's farm, where they learn all about growing fruits and vegetables. Through their journey, readers will be introduced to various crops and how they are grown, as well as the different animals that share the farm. Along the way, the book encourages readers to participate in a search-and-find game, keeping them engaged and interested in the story:

Can you spot?

    • An earthworm

    • 2 garlic bulbs

    • A clock

This beautifully illustrated book not only entertains children; it also educates them about the importance of farming, healthy eating habits, and sustainability. Through the use of bold and colorful illustrations, the book teaches children about colors and numbers, making it an excellent addition to any early childhood learning program.

With its fun storyline and engaging illustrations, Fruits and Vegetables is sure to captivate young readers aged 3-6, encouraging them to learn more about the world around them. Parents and educators will appreciate the value of this Read & Learn book, as it provides an excellent foundation for understanding the importance of healthy eating and the role of farming in our lives.


Board book, 14 pages.