Good To Be Home by Leah Dobrinska

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Fixer Upper meets Sweet Home Alabama in this uplifting and heartwarming second chance romance.

She’s coming home. He never left.

When Isabel Marshall moved away from her hometown with hopes of making a name for herself in Los Angeles, she didn't mean to abandon her roots, but that’s what happened. Now, four years later and having amassed an interior design empire, Isabel must return to Mapleton to film a home renovation special for her TV show. While most of the village welcomes her with open arms, her family and the ex-boyfriend she left in her dust are another story.

Daniel Smith couldn’t follow Isabel to California, no matter how badly he wanted to, because his grandfather needed him in Mapleton. Since she’s been gone, he’s moved on—or so he thought. But as they reconnect, Daniel can’t deny that though they’ve both changed, his feelings for Isabel haven’t. Unfortunately, a choice he made in her absence could ruin any chance of reconciliation.

Together, Daniel and Isabel must determine whether the love they once shared has stood the test of time and distance. Can they navigate Isabel’s fame, their past decisions, and the growth they’ve undergone to build the future of their dreams?

A delightfully sweet story about the importance of family, the beauty of forgiveness, and the magic of falling (or re-falling!) in love.

Fans of...

- Second chance romance

- Charming, small towns

- Sweet Home Alabama

- HGTV home design shows

...will adore Good To Be Home.

♥ Each feel-good book in the Mapleton series is a clean and wholesome, standalone read, but the books are much more fun when enjoyed in order! Book club discussion guides are included at the end of each story. ♥

Book one: Love at On Deck Café

Book two: Good To Be Home

Paperback, 276 pages

Fiction, romance, christian.

Wisconsin author!