Hearth & Hedge: A Cozy Culinary Murder Mystery (#2) by Shawn McGuire

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“We’ll figure this out. People don’t get stabbed every day. Even in Whispering Pines.”

It’s time for the annual Whispering Pines Tour of Gardens, and plant lovers are arriving by the busload. Discussions of raised beds, fertilizers, and proper amounts of water and sunlight can be heard all around the village.

Then just as the tours begin, chaos erupts. Someone has vandalized the gardens.

Between running her successful shop, Hearth & Cauldron, and dealing with her new teenage boarder who has turned her orderly homelife into the female Wiccan version of 
The Odd Couple, hearth witch Reeva Long doesn’t have time to track down suspects.

It’s the middle of the busy tourist season, however, and solving petty crimes isn’t high on the sheriff’s priority list either. So Reeva and her sidekick best friend, Ruby McLaughlin, dig in.

When events escalate and one of the witches on the tour is attacked, the amateur sleuths fear this is something more sinister than a few pulled-up posies.

Hearth & Hedge is the second book in the Hearth & Cauldron Mysteries series. If you like your mysteries on the cozy side with plenty of quirky characters and a dash of paranormal, you’ll love this series.


Paperback, 265 pages. 

Fiction, mystery. 

*Local Author*