Juneland by Lex Grundor

Juneland by Lex Grundor

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Stuart knows the rules of his grandmother's land and follows them well. His timid instincts warn him to stay away from mysterious places that adults advise him not to go into, anyway. Everything changes when his grandmother invites the children along on an enchanting journey to the wondrous world beyond the gate. After discovering the extraordinary truth, his brother, David, and his cousin, Eva, devise a mischievous plot that Stuart can't halt. As he stumbles into their scheme, he discovers impossible creatures and incredible secrets. Now that the fate of his family depends on him, how can he stop being the little guy? Can he summon the bravery to finish his otherworldly adventure before the world is changed forever?

Paperback, 232 pages. 

Children's Chapter book.

*Minnesota author, Wisconsin publisher*