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Kept Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery (#2) by Shawn McGuire

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Tucked next to a pristine lake, the part-Medieval Europe, part-Renaissance Faire hamlet of Whispering Pines is a utopia... except for the recent murders.


One month after arriving in the Northwoods, former detective Jayne O'Shea has settled comfortably into small-town life and is making good progress with her task of getting her grandparents' house ready for sale.


Then the shocking death of one of the carnies rocks the community, and the villagers look to Jayne for help, placing her in an impossible middle ground of not wanting to get involved and needing to ensure justice is served. When a second carney turns up dead, and the newly hired sheriff--more concerned with ticketing tourists than catching the killer--dismisses the death as an accident, Jayne has no choice but to step in. Can she uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again?


If you love small-towns with quirky characters, slow-burn romances, and witchy mysteries this is the series for you.


"A cool mix of interesting, realistic characters and surprising folks with amazing talents. Rather like a lighter version of Louise Penny's Three Pines, Whispering Pines is a village you would like to visit (or inhabit.)" Elaine


"Shawn McGuire has managed to intertwine Wicca and a murder mystery into an absolutely wonderful story about a very small town. I was positive I knew who the guilty party was, three times. I was wrong. There are twists and turns throughout the book that will keep you reading well into the night." anonymous customer

Paperback, 288 pages. 

Fiction, Mystery. 

Local author!

*signed copy*