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Love at On Deck Café by Leah Dobrinska

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In Mapleton, love takes a village...


Julia Derks loves the small town of Mapleton where she grew up and launched her business, On Deck Café. What Julia doesn’t love is change. So when a smooth-talking stranger arrives with plans to develop the site of Mapleton’s cherished, shuttered paper mill, she doesn’t even try to hide her contempt. First impressions aren’t everything, though…

Samson Baker has never put down roots. He charms people wherever his development firm sends him, and he’s dealt with his share of pushback from communities unable to recognize the value of growth and change. Mapleton is no different. There’s just one problem, and her name is Julia.

As Samson and Julia’s worlds collide, sparks as bright as Mapleton’s Fourth of July Festival fireworks fly—until a damaging secret threatens both their brewing relationship and their livelihoods. With everything they’ve worked for on the line, can Julia and Samson reconcile their differences, save the café, and have a shot at happily ever after?


A heartwarming exploration of community, integrity, and having the courage to change course, even in the face of adversity.


Fans of...

- Enemies to lovers

- Charming, small towns

- Secrets and self discovery

- PG-rated summer romances

...will adore Love at On Deck Café.


♥ Each feel-good book in the Mapleton series is a clean and wholesome, standalone read, but the books are much more fun when enjoyed in order! Book club discussion guides are included at the end of each story. ♥

Paperback, 294 pages

Fiction, romance, christian.

Wisconsin author!