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No Check Out by Taylor Fenner

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Can a building be inherently evil? With every board, window, and brick that went into building The Williamson Hotel, nestled at the mouth of the Great Smoky Mountains, a dark being was forged. Some say the hotel is haunted, others swear it's cursed, but nobody knows the truth.

When a team of paranormal debunkers is invited to The Williamson to spend the night and dispel the rumors of its haunting, they think it's just another routine job. Huntleigh Graves and her friends have investigated many "haunted" locales around the southern United States and proved them all to be fakes. But they had no idea what they were getting into when they agreed to investigate The Williamson.

From the moment they arrive at The Williamson, the team knows something isn't right. But what starts off as a simple investigation into the paranormal turns into eight hours of horror. Eight hours that not all of them will make it through alive.

Welcome to The Williamson Hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay. Because once you check-in, there is... No Check Out

Hardcover, 214 pages. 

Fiction, horror. 

*Wisconsin author*