Perspectives of Nature: Scientifically Romantic and Experiential Nature Poetry by Paul Kosir

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This collection includes poems that use science to describe the world in which we live, yet in a manner that is lyrical and almost mystical. Written in the romantic style, this picturesque poetry transports the reader to a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the natural world. With their fresh approach and keen insight, these poems provide a new perspective of nature.

Other poems in the book are experiential, transporting the reader to a deeper connection with the natural world by relating encounters with nature objectively, without anthropomorphism. The simply-told poetic stories form a new perspective of nature for the reader.

Some readers may want to use the book as a journal to write down and remember their own encounters with nature or to record observations of the phenomena and processes of nature found in the poems. Writing in this booklet would not ruin its leaves, but cause them to flower.

Perspectives of Nature deals with the changes and events in biology, geology, meteorology, and astronomy. It provides a platform for taking notes on making syrup, honey bee activity, groundhog predictions, locations of glacial features, the progression of fall color, and other "brushes with nature."

Perceptive and practical, Perspectives of Nature is a guide to examining and enjoying the world around us.

Paperback, 78 pages. 


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