She's Done Pretending by Niki Bergler

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Kids have a lot of energy; they act out in class, lie, and exaggerate tales. Trouble-making behavior is typical, or is it? This is what the police, schools, and other adults believed when they saw a young girl acting out and telling stories to her friends.

Why wouldn't anyone listen to her?

As a child, Niki did not stand a chance against her abuser. He was intelligent, calculating, and manipulative. The isolation and anger threatened to consume her, leaving behind an empty shell.

She's Done Pretending became more than one child's experience of abuse; it is written permission for those who tire of being controlled by the abusers in our world. It is about persistence, resilience, and hope. Niki provokes a feeling of power behind standing up for yourself and taking your life back.

Paperback, 206 pages. 


*Local Author*