Twenty-Somethings by C. Joy

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Grace, Tallie, Frankie, and Finn are four twenty-somethings that lead very different paths in life. Each of them seems to be lost and confused, trying desperately to find answers to why and how life got to the point it’s at for them. Grace is a young, single girl who just wants to enjoy life, Tallie is a new mama who is isolated and lonely despite being in a loving marriage, Frankie is a reserved barista who has had the same group of friends since high school, and Finn is a family man who just lost the core of his identity. Come on their journey with them as they battle the chaos, the mundane, and the magic within the universe. Through many unusual connections, they discover that you don’t always need a mirror to find your own reflection.

Paperback, 354 pages. 

Fiction, coming of age, romance, magical realism.

*Local author*