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What Lies We Keep by Janet Roberts

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Cybersecurity expert Ted McCord has been fired. He risked everything in a game far beyond his control. It's the last straw for Charlotte McCord, who's never understood her husband's addiction to the trappings of corporate life-the titles, the money, and the promise of visible success that he prefers over his family's ranch.

Six months earlier, Ted did something unthinkable to gain a promotion and hid his actions from his wife. Now the guilty coconspirators have turned the tables on him. Ted claims he's innocent, but Charlotte leaves, taking their daughter. As Ted works to clear his name, Charlotte leans on her friends. But one friend has a secret that shocks Charlotte, upending everything she believes about Ted. Unsure who to trust, she jettisons from hurt and anger to the tempting promise of solace in the arms of a handsome River Rescue officer.

Stretching from Pittsburgh's urban skyline to the beautiful ranch country of Montana, What Lies We Keep is a moving story of corporate ambition that shakes the very foundations of a marriage and asks: What happens when we embrace the life we think we should have, rather than the life we have?

Paperback, 342 pages.

Science fiction. 

*Wisconsin publisher*